Ron Bracale's

Musical Celebration of the Dance:
Consciousness Embracing the Universe...



Seven Streams 2016

Seven Streams of Consciousness
reveal Seven Layers of our Being
and Seven Ways of knowing.
Balanced Relationships of Love
bring Inner Peace to our Essence
and Vitality to our Spirit.

  1. 1.) Body Wisdom.............7:59
  2. 2.) Passion for Life........8:02
  3. 3.) Vital Essence...........7:53
  4. 4.) Touching on Feelings....6:13
  5. 5.) Listening to Magic......8:04
  6. 6.) Glimpsing the Future....8:06
  7. 7.) Visions of Love.........8:17
  8. Total:......................54:48

The Shakuhachi bamboo flute played to orbital synthesizers
as a tool of Love with Intent for the Highest Good.
Music is a higher language than words.
Seven Streams contains a deep Wisdom
of our Essence and Vitality.
Seven Streams opens the energetic and
transformative channels of Love.

The Shakuhachi flute, 2.0 made by Horii Kojiro,
played as a tool of enlightenment,
which is becoming loving and
tending to all our relationships
with intent for the highest good.

The Tanpura drones, the strings of peace,
reflect the primal loving vibrations
which support the ever-changing present creation.

The modern, cutting edge synthesizers,
Orbit and Eclipse, provide the textures and forms
of this ever changing creation
where we perfect all our relations.

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Sexcellent Sky 2016

Ambient music reflective
of when you look up at the stars on a clear night
and the Sexcellent Sky is so absolutely profound
that words cannot describe it
and the amazing Universe whispers
the mystery of being
and calls to you to wonder
and explore life.

  1. Scattered Milk ... 8:39
  2. Road of Straw ... 5:45
  3. Corn Meal Dust ... 10:24
  4. Serene Pathway ... 12:19
  5. Ancient Campfires ... 9:45
  6. Silver River ... 9:41

Total Time = 56:45

The Shakuhachi Zen flute
made from the ancient plant, bamboo,
carved from root dug from the Earth
and stalk reaching for the Sky,
with five holes for the five elements,
turns breath into sweet music.
The modern orbital synthesizer,
the Wide Blue Sound ‘Orbit’,
provides Celestial energies.
Together they dance like Yin and Yang,
playing together
and breathing the cosmic forces of creation.

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Yin over Yang 2015

Bamboo Shakuhachi flute dancing with nature
within synthesizer soundscapes:
expressing enchanting love.

Yin receiving creativity
modulating Yang luminous transmission
as synchronicity and balance
energize Essence.

Jade Pools (3:07)

2.0 Jinashi ‘Goma’ Shakuhachi (Made by Perry Yung)

Purple_Raven (4:50)

2.0 Jinashi ‘Goma’ Shakuhachi Bamboo Leaf)

Rolling Waters (3:13)

2.4 Jinashi Shakuhachi (Made by Perry Yung)

Nature's Spiral (4:44)

1.8 Jiari Shakuhachi (Made by Peak Moon)

Woodpecker (8:47)

1.8 Jiari Shakuhachi (Made by Peak Moon)

Lotus Jewel (3:24)

1.8 Jiari Shakuhachi (Made by Peak Moon)

Bamboo Bridge (10:35)

1.8 Jiari Shakuhachi (Taniguchi Bamboo Leaf)

Balancing Chi (3:58)

2.4 Jinashi Shakuhachi (Made by Perry Yung)

Dragon Dream (5:39)

2.0 Jinashi ‘Goma’ Shakuhachi (Made by Perry Yung)

Sipping Lunar Dew (6:21)

1.8 Jiari Shakuhachi (Made by Peak Moon)

Open Awareness (3:38)

2.4 Jinashi Shakuhachi (Made by Perry Yung)

Total Time = 58:25

No sampling was used.
The flute on track 1 was recorded on my porch during a rain storm.
At the end of Woodpecker, you can hear geese which flew by
and then a woodpecker came by and added the tapping.
The flute tracks recorded live in nature at Ridge Haven Farm
are completely raw, without reverb or equalization
since effects would distort the nature sound background.
Some other tracks had the two track nature recording
brought into my humble home studio.

All tracks were played in a loving energetic mode
to bring peace to the listener.
When we are centered and have balance about our center,
our natural being can flow and blossom.
There is the universal drone which nature sounds reflect
and upon which creation rests and within which
all manifestation takes place.
Playing fluidly with a drone brings balance
and healing within the ever-changing present.
Nature has a sacred song and this music is in harmony with it.

Ron Bracale: Yin Over Yang

MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC downloads
are available through the above link.

Aural Innovations Review

Kokopelli Yoga Cover jpg

Kokopelli Yoga 2015

Kokopelli’s flute of mystical love
with the drone of the art of sacred union.

Kokopelli’s Flute
(also called an Ancient Pueblo, Anasazi, or Chaco Canyon flute)
is a brilliant design which lends itself
to a great variety of tonal expression.
It is also a modern evolutionary form of flute
in that the refinements of machining
and the design of the blowing edge have been applied
to the basic design of the ancient archeological relics.
Kokopelli Yoga explores some of the vast capabilities
of this exquisite new instrument with deep ancient connections.

Kokopelli Yoga is played with a Tanpura drone
from the tradition of India.
In playing with a drone I am playing with pure or just intonation
as all ancient peoples would have.
Equal temperament is a modern mode of intonation
that has been prevalent for the last century,
and while allowing modern keyboards and jazz,
it also loses some of the purity and emotion
which pure intonation can express.

All songs were played on an Earth Tone flute
with a root note in A made from curly redwood,
though I used raga to inform my playing in many different modes.
I hope that the colorful expression
and the versatile modal tonalities excite
and satisfy your musical palate
and deepen your appreciation for this amazing flute design.
I also hope that you sense the deeply mystical
and healing nature of this music.
Please feel it as music of the human spirit,
letting the intellect step aside
to sense the connection of the Sentient Universe.

Kokopelli’s flute is the flute of love
and generative creative energy.
This music is great for doing Yoga, Chi Gong, or Tai Chi
where you are generating the vital waters of life,
prana or chi, for a long and health productive life.
It is also excellent music for creative endeavors,
whether that is a work of art, writing,
or creating some new computer app.
Through the receptivity of the sound flowing into your being,
the expression of your spirit may be stimulated
into true creativity.
When doing energy work let your creative spirit calm out
and allow the experience of that which is beyond words,
the divine and mysterious essence. Peace and Love. Ron

  1. Inner Peace
  2. Lotus Beauty
  3. Healing Water
  4. Spirit Fire
  5. Heart Cave
  6. Turquoise Pearl
  7. Divine Bliss
  8. Astral Dance
  9. Breath of Life
  10. Glowing Flows
  11. Diamond Mind
  12. Sacred Union
  13. Moonlight Touch
  14. Psychic Winds

Total Time = 57:04

Ron Bracale: Kokopelli Yoga

MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC downloads
are available through the above link.


Entangled Spaces 2014

Synthesizer and world flute instrumental prayer
for world Peace and Healing:
to bring the balance back to the Entangled Spaces
of all living beings dancing in spiraling relationships
with each other, the living Earth, and the Stars.

01.) Fractal Dance

02.) Smiling Moon

03.) Psychic Tactility

04.) Ocean Spirit

05.) Global Ghost Dance

06.) Fearless Love

07.) Soul Fixin'

08.) Redwood Dreams

09.) Comfort

Total Time = 55:43

Entangled_Spaces Description.

Ron Bracale: Entangled Spaces

MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC downloads
are available through the above link.

Aural Innovations Review


Mystic Love 2013

Live Shakuhachi bamboo flute with a Tanpura drone
played through a digital delay
to transmit a spontaneous expression of Mystical Love
to caress your Energy Body.

01. Peace Full 3:39
02. Entranced 4:06
03. Passion Fire 4:03
04. Inner Dance 3:13
05. Entangled Hearts 3:49
06. Rushing Water 3:01
07. Spooky Night 3:35
08. Trance Waves 3:01
09. Glistening Sunlight 4:19
10. Luminous Eyes 3:11
11. Empathic Passion 3:53
12. Psychic Bonds 3:52
13. Telepath Love 3:01
14. Spiraling Together 3:15
15. Vibrations Pulse 2:35
16. Sweet Love 3:49

Mystic Love Description.

Ron Bracale: Mystic Love

MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC downloads
are available through the above link.

Kokopelli Zen 2011


Music for returning to your natural center
of peace, serenity, and tranquility...

Meditations to unwind and de-stress;
to become your beautiful and happy true self...

01. Awakening in Beauty ........... 4:41
02. Gentle Spirit ................. 3:30
03. Deep Communication ............ 3:24
04. Majestic Wisdom ............... 4:07
05. Mountain Mystery .............. 3:48
06. Mental Connection ............. 3:21
07. Revealed Smiling .............. 3:44
08. Ancient Teachers .............. 3:23
09. Kokopelli and Kokopelmana ..... 4:03
10. Canyon Paths .................. 3:39
11. Rivers in Sunlight ............ 4:06
12. Moon Maiden Mage .............. 3:07
13. Dreamer Visions ............... 3:03
14. Intending Synchronicity ....... 3:42
15. Empty and Full ................ 3:37

Improvisations on modern Anasazi/Pueblo/Kokopelli flutes.
Played by Ron Bracale on flutes crafted by:
Michael Graham Allen of "Coyote Oldman" flutes
and Geoffrey Ellis of "Earth Tone" flutes.

Kokopelli Zen Description.

Mastered at Cyberian Studios by David Andre.
Composition and Performance by Ron Bracale.
Art and Graphic Design by Ron Bracale.
Total Time 55:15

Ron Bracale: Kokopelli Zen

MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC downloads
are available through the above link.

American Flutes : 2010


Flute Solos by Ron Bracale on Native American Flutes.
The wonderful and resonate sound of wood expressed
through the traditional instruments of North America.
A captivating and deeply heart centered music
embracing the natural connection to the Earth.

01. Listen to the Call ............... CTC ... 4:43
02. Spirit Winds ..................... WR .... 4:54
03. Empathic Love .................... CTC ... 4:28
04. Thunderbird's Scream ............. CTC * . 3:47
05. Anasazi Prophesy ................. COA ... 5:58
06. Peace ............................ CTC ... 4:01
07. Touch the Earth .................. WR .... 4:16
08. The Elder's Wisdom ............... CTC ... 4:56
09. The Children's Spirit ............ SRR ... 4:30
10. Rainbow Sky Journey .............. MSB ... 3:49
11. The Ancestors Watch .............. COA ... 4:19
12. Star Teachings ................... MSB ... 5:15
13. Pearl in the Valley .............. TI * .. 3:39

CTC: Chris Ti Coon - Yellow Heartwood
WR: Wolf Robe - Blackfoot - Handmade
COA: Coyote Oldman - Anasazi
SRR: Larry Semon - Turkey Ridge Road Runner
MSB: Michael Standing Bear - Black Walnut
TI: Turtle Island - Western Red Cedar
* Vocalization into Flute

Native American Flutes

End Blown (Anasazi) Flutes

Mastered at Cyberian Studios by David Andre.
Composition and Performance by Ron Bracale
Art and Graphic Design by Ron Bracale
Total Time 58:32

Ron Bracale: American Flutes

MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC downloads
are available through the above link.

Shamanic Extra-Terrestrial Initiation : 2009


Electronic instrumental music
for exploring the Extra-Terrestrial telepathic web
through journeying with the higher aspects
of the mind and spirit.
Nice deep space music with a touch of Earth
with Native American flute
for all psychic exploration and healing.

01.) Rush of First Contact ... 3:13 *
02.) Sublime Wisdom ... 4:52
03.) Remembering the Ancients ... 4:32
04.) Descendants of the Stars ... 5:35 ^
05.) Hybridization ... 8:11
06.) Mother Ship Jungles ... 7:59 *
07.) Phantom Changelings ... 4:07
08.) Lineage of Contactees ... 4:01 ^
09.) Pulsing Light Beams ... 4:15
10.) Telepathic Communications ... 5:45
11.) Star Children ... 5:08 * ^
12.) Twisting Winds of Time ... 4:27
13.) USOs and Hideaways ... 3:18
* Features special guest David Andre on percussion.
^ Features a Wolf Robe Native American Flute.
Mastered at Cyberian Studios by David Andre.

Ron Bracale: Shamanic Extra-Terrestrial Initiation

MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC downloads
are available through the above link.

Aural Innovations Review

Healer's Songs : 2008


Healing music to unlock the healing potential
within your own being.

SONGS: I Am Healing, Visions, Should Retrieval,
Journey Work, Ancient Passions, Hopi Prophesy,
Rhythms of Love, Seven Seers, Eagle Wind,
and Buddha Rap

Visit this link to listen to songs as music videos.
Healer's Songs music videos..

Ron Bracale: Healers Songs

MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC downloads
are available through the above link.

Goddess Dance : 2006


"Synthesizer and Flute Tribute to the Universe
as a Goddess Dancing in a Passionate Celebration of Life."

Keyboard and flute compositions: Goddess Dance
It is world music composed with new age, raga, and rock influences.

SONGS: Garden Gate, Shamanic Messages, Gong Fu Goddess,
Shakti's Enticements, Primordial Womb, Tantric Waters,
Compassionate Kuan Yin, Healing Touch, Dakini Sprites,

Goddess Dance Song Details...

Goddess Dance, a story: Goddess Dance

Visit this link to listen to a song as a music video.
Goddess Dance music videos..

Ron Bracale: Goddess Dance

MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC downloads
are available through the above link.

Luminous Waters : 2004


"Music inspired by meditation,
reflecting the healing energy
to calm the inner space and revitalize
the listener's life force."

Spiritual flute solos with the beautiful timbre
of an Arthur Uebel antique soprano flute and
a Gemienhardt silver alto flute. Improvisations on
compositions derived from North Indian Ragas
and Chinese music tempered with Jazz.

Cool Cleveland review by Laura Varcho: Luminous Waters Review

Ron Bracale: Luminous Waters

MP3, MP3-320, and FLAC downloads
are available through the above link.

All over the world edge blown flutes have been played.
The oldest archeological examples are over 40,000 years old!
That is long before the known rise of agriculture and civilization.
They were tuned to a pentatonic minor scale.
Music is an essential ingredient in a holistic human life.

... Some of these flutes are still with me.
Many have been traded and found new homes ...

If you have a great image of an End Blown flute which
you would like to have a picture added to the Gallery,
then please email me with more information.
ron -at- bracalemusic -dot- com

Shakuhachi Jiari Flutes (Japan)

Shakuhachi Jinashi Flutes (Japan)

Shakuhachi Wood Flutes (Japan)

Anasazi Flutes (American Southwest)

Modern_End Blown Flutes

End Blown Flutes group photos

Native American style Flutes

South American Quena and Quenacho

Xiao Flutes (China)

Bansuri Flutes (India)

F. Arthur Uebel Flute

Old Photos: Ron and other Musicians of Renown.

Scanned Old Photos

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Recent Videos

Wintertime Warmth

Two tracks of Anasazi flute with a drone
recorded during a snow storm
and set to scenes of wintertime.

Peace Full

Peace Full - Track 1 of Mystic Love
with Fractal Mandelbulb Art


Entranced - Track 2 of Mystic Love
Fractal Space Art

Astral Flowers

A flute solo with Kaleidoscope flowers.
A Shakuhachi (Hocchiku 2.2 Bb) Zen Bamboo flute.

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