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UAP Sightings

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UAP Sightings (2024)

Instrumental Experimental
Overtone Drone Flute Music.

New and Original Soundscapes
of Cyclic Harmonic Fluid Music.

1. Planetary Analysis
    Koncovka Overtone Flute (Maker: Fujara.sk)
    Shakuhachi 2.0 (Maker: Horii Kojiro)

2. ET Mystics
3. Strangeness Lingers
4. Wild Eyed
    NAF style Overtone Flute (Design created by Ron Bracale, made by Jim Green)
    Ancient Pueblo Flute (made by Geoffrey Ellis Flutes)

5. Time slippin'
6. Ancient of Ages
    Copper Flute (Created and made by Ruah)

7. Ms. Trinity
    Baiyon Kaze Overtone flute (Conceived by Ron Bracale, made by Steev Kinwald)
    Shakuhachi 2.4 (Made by Perry Yung)

8. Telepathic Baiyon Kaze
    Baiyon Kaze Overtone flute

   Total Time: 63 minutes

UAP Sightings - Streaming

UAP Sightings - Streaming