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Shakuhachi Meditations

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Shakuhachi Meditations (2023)

Meditational Improvisations
on a Shakuhachi flute
flowing from inner sacred space.

Just Intonation music
to a drone
for Healing, for Yoga, and
to potentiate Creativity
in one's active Life.

1. Dedicated to Peace
2. Yogini River

3. Sweet Vibration
4. Kissing Heaven

5. Cosmic Embodiment
6. Embracing Embodiment
7. Fully Embodied

8. Precious Body
9. Sacred Body
10. Refined Body

11. Bamboo Chanting
12. Sacred Synchronization (duet)
13. Spanda Synchronization (duet)

   Total Time: 59:26

Shakuhachi Meditations - Streaming:
Shakuhachi Meditations - Streaming