Shakuhachi Faerie Dance


Shakuhachi Faerie Dances

--- Shakuhachi Faerie Dances ---
Playful Flute Music in Pure Intonation...
Natural Harmonics for Natural Healing...
Music to Receive Magic from the Dreamtime...

1. Playing in the Rain 7:14
2. Sweet Honey 4:11
3. Peaceful Circle 7:25
4. Kittens 4:38
5. Two of Cups 8:02
6. Dancing Free 6:12
7. Earthly Delights 3:37
8. Gentle magic 8:25

Total Time = 53:00

Shakuhachi Faerie Dances Streaming:
Shakuhachi Faerie Dances Streaming

Shakuhachi Faerie Dances YouTube:
Shakuhachi Faerie Dances YouTube

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Playing shakuhachi with the music of the birds and frogs I have learned a great deal about natural music and sacred sound. Playing for a flock of wild Soay sheep I have learned that anything contrived by the mind is suspicious and have therefore learned to stay in a meditative state while playing. Being in a meditative state has allowed for some very advanced music theory to manifest in the free jazz style of my playing.

Shakuhachi Faerie Dances is not in Western 12 Tone Equal Temperament (which only has five notes close to being in tune with natural harmonics: M 2nd , 4th , 5th, m 7th, and the octave). Shakuhachi Faerie Dances is in Pure (Just) Intonation to provide healing blissful energies.

A chromatic run in 12 tone equal temperament has a mental mathematical beauty, but it is devoid of emotional feeling. Just Intonation includes many new notes with significant harmonic presence, for example the 6/5 bright minor (316 cents) and the 7/6 blue minor third (267 cents). These harmonic notes will tie together other harmonic notes with perfect pitch.

Consider also that there are some quarter tones which have very harmonic presence in the spectrum of natural music. These are interspaced among the pieces, but you will hear them employed twice at the end of the last piece.

Western 12 tone music has much to inform a pure intonation player. One of the 'Chromatic Modes' employed is to use the Ionian mode ascending, the Phrygian mode descending and tri-tones to tie them together and add the pivotal b5th to the mix.

But after all this mental theory, feelings and emotions (Rasa) are still the most important aspect of music. Playing with nature one can learn to play intuitively and meditatively even while such elaborate aspects are being manifest. May 'Shakuhachi Faerie Dances' take you on a journey...

The human belief that there are faeries, higher vibrational natural beings, influencing our lives was common for millennia. Just think of falling in love and logic often fails to describe the arrows of Cupid / Eros and the choices which people make. A faerie oracle can teach one a great deal about feeling instead of thinking and music can express feelings better than words.

I had Fun recording this: I hope you have FUN while listening to it or Dancing with it.