Original Peace


Original Peace

Original Peace
Solo Shakuhachi flute compositions
in the spirit of Zen Honkyoku.
Natural meditational music created
to free one’s spirit and allow the listener’s
innate inner peace to emerge and prevail.

1 Dreamer:
Embrace the art of being a dreamer and create magic.
2 Winter Sunshine:
Smile happiness like sunshine on a winter’s day.
3 Thunder Beings:
Power of sudden awareness nurturing growth.
4 Dai Sanya:
Mountain Peaks and Valleys: Life is for experiencing.
5 Kyorei Yori:
A bell rings in the infinite void filled with everything.
6 Gentle Touch:
Synchronicities bringing comfort and joy.
7 Walking Meditation:
(Komuso Nagati): Every step as a conscious act of love.
Total Time = 57:07

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