Entangled Spaces



Synthesizer and world flute instrumental prayer
for world Peace and Healing:
to bring the balance back to the Entangled Spaces
of all living beings dancing in spiraling relationships
with each other, the living Earth, and the Stars.

Humanity is at a point of intense transition. This CD is designed as a spiritual and emotional call for world peace. If humanity can transition into being one people on this one beautiful planet, we can cooperate to solve anything we set our intention on. It is time to break the illusions and reclaim our power as the children of Earth and Sol. The Entangled Spaces of all life forms can be deeply sensed as our interconnected journeys entwine. Humans are amazingly powerful and ancient beings. The time is now to see through the brainwashing and embrace our destiny.

All these tracks were played in a meditative trance state and thus transmit intense energy for purification and healing of trauma of all types. We are all wounded by the darkness of the false world view of mechanical materialism. We are amazing beings of Light (consciousness) and Spirit (creative will and intent) in a Fractal Dance of a unified and sentient creation. The Smiling Moon calls us to be in balance with the cycles and awakens us to the Psychic Tactility which is our birthright. The Ocean Spirit is awakening in a rage at the offences which are being committed against the sacred waters of our living mother Earth. Humanity is engaged in a Global Ghost Dance as the most criminally insane and power hungry lost souls dominate the loving and honest people. We are called to bring forth our Fearless Love to bring forth the awareness of the true way of being and call the magic of Soul Fixin’ to bring the balance back. Redwood Dreams and the dreams of all the powerful beings we share the Earth with can teach us and guide us along the healing path. Have Comfort, for the sentient Universe watches over us. We have free will and make choices, yet there is a true and natural way which will prevail in the end and bring forth a bright new beginning in Love.

01.) Fractal Dance
Two tracks of Ancient Pueblo / Anasazi
(Woodsounds - Kauri wood A: mode 2 Bm)
We are an infinite Fractal Dance
within the Fractal Dance of the Universe.

02.) Smiling Moon
Anasazi (Coyote Oldman G# Cedar, mode 2 Bb) and
2.2 Hocchiku Shakuhachi (Jon Kypros)
The mysterious moon appearing the size of the sun
implies an incredible order and balance.

03.) Psychic Tactility
Two tracks 1.8 Jiari Shakuhachi (Hougetsu / Peak Moon)
Higher senses and premonitions from the beings of light
touch us deeply.

04.) Ocean Spirit
Two tracks 1.8 Jiari Shakuhachi (Hougetsu / Peak Moon)
The ocean spirit rages
to protect the sacred balance of life.

05.) Global Ghost Dance
Two tracks 1.8 Jiari Shakuhachi (Hougetsu / Peak Moon)
Memes of enlightenment flow through the war torn world
as this cycle completes.

06.) Fearless Love *
2.4 Jinashi Shakuhachi (Perry Yung: Bamboo) and
Ancient Pueblo / Anasazi (Earth Tone: Curly Redwood)
Nature returns to vitality
as her ways reign supreme.

07.) Soul Fixin' *
2.4 Jinashi Shakuhachi (Perry Jung: Bamboo) and
Ancient Pueblo / Anasazi (Earth Tone: Curly Redwood) and
Ancient Pueblo / Anasazi (Woodsounds - Kauri wood)
Regaining the magic we once had
and re-empowering our human nature.

08.) Redwood Dreams *
Two tracks Ancient Pueblo / Anasazi
(Earth Tone: Curly Redwood Am, mode 2 Bm)
Visioning our future
in balance with the majesty of nature.

09.) Comfort
Two tracks of Ancient Pueblo / Anasazi
(Woodsounds - Kauri wood A: mode 2 Bm)

Have peace within and radiate love
in harmony with higher vibrations.

* Contains Subsonic Audio.

Total Time = 55:43

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