Goddess Dance

2006 - Remastered 2022

Synthesizer and Flute Tribute to the Universe
as a Goddess Dancing in a Passionate Celebration of Life.

Keyboard and flute compositions: Rock Dance and Ambient Trance.
It is world music composed with new age, raga, and rock influences.

Goddess Dance - Streaming:
Goddess Dance - Streaming

'Dakini Sprites' video
Dakini are the Sky Dancing Feminine Bhodisatvas.

The graphics were done with GoBato.


Garden Gate - The opening of energy through the natural state of being where we just are, one and at peace with the flow of creation. There is no need for doing, as action flows from being. We let the truth of the mysterious and unfathomable journey of life amazing us with the natural diversity that dances in balance.

Shamanic Messages - Listening to the universe that surrounds us, we realize that it is filled with a living energy that guides us along a path like a Goddess whispering in our ear in every synchronistic turn of events and clear strong crazy dream, we sense the living power of the Goddess directing the grand Dance of Life.

Gong Fu Goddess - Strong and powerful like a thunderstorm, gentle and caressing like a warm refreshing spring rain, nurturing like the Earth that supports all life, hot and passionate like the summer sun and a cold pool of water, beautiful and prophetic like the many colored leaves of autumn, cold and fierce like the purifying winter snows: the Gong Fu Goddess elaborates on many moods and feelings, commanding that all return to the natural laws as we journey on our visit to these Earthen Spheres.

Shakti's Enticements - The energy of the Goddess is the all powerful attractor. Like the sparkle in your lover's eyes, enticing us forward, holding all the world in her grasp of attraction for love and aversion to losing her; the illusions of separation keeps us running round and round, while we just need to let our inner Shakti Fire fill our being with Goddess intoxication of the divine dance of union.

Primordial Womb - Life evolved in the seas. We were conceived and formed in the salty womb waters. The universe was created in a blaze of spinning luminous plasma. We achieve ecstatic enlightening through the pulse of the divine fire, cradled in the bubbles of our forms that open in love to transcend all boundaries of self in the dance of unity.

Tantric Waters - Always a spiral to new heights the Tantric Waters of life surround us in all of creation. We learn to breathe the Tantric Waters into our energy bodies. We learn to absorb the Tantric Waters in our every movement and rest. We learn to See the Tantric Waters in every glowing living body.

Compassionate Kuan Yin - Protectress of travelers: as we journey through our lives, the Goddess teaches us to let go, to surrender to the Goddess in our impermanence and learn to trust in the here and now experience, just being and feeling and learning and laughing.

Healing Touch - We are healed in every tender touch. We are touched by words, music, and art on a very deep level. When the person reaching out to touch is loving, they heal. their touch has a healing component that transcends the media. All the ripples we send out in our lives are touching others, so we should be conscious to touch gently, tenderly, and lovingly.

Dakini Sprites - Little sparks of Goddess energy: the sparkle in some ones eyes or the sun glittering on something shiny, the magic of a special sunset of glory and the whispering of the wind: sprites of the Goddess dance amid the living universe enlivening our view with sparkles of magic energy that teach us, comfort us, and show us the way to wholeness.

GODDESS DANCE - We dance our lives. We dance in our heads and thoughts. We dance in our swirling emotions and moods. We need to release all self consciousness and Dance free. We need to Dance in celebration of the universe as a Divine Goddess that embraces us in substance leading us into the passion to live to the fullest Dancing the pathways that our hearts call us forth upon...

Goddess Dancing: every day, every way, changes of Love.

The full moon rose over the canyon wall, even as the sunset was casting out its orange glow over the other end of the large box canyon. The drums were starting for another night of the wild tantric Goddess Dance. The night was comfortably warm and after the intense summer heat of the day it felt wonderful. I was just admiring the beauty of the night, when I noticed a woman who was doing the same. As she slowly walked towards me her body seemed to glimmer in the moonlight. I smiled, looked into her peaceful eyes, and greeted her, "Hello sister, beautiful evening to you."

She smiled and replied, "Greetings brother, beautiful evening to you. Brother and sister we are wholly. The other tribe has no clue and walks in darkness of illusions. Our tribe rises up amongst them. We look the same and act very similar, yet we have a different motivation. We are a new shoot, which has formed a branch. We conceal our powers, for they awaken slowly and are weak with our youth. They live and die unconsciously, but we regain threads of our awareness through these ages of lifetimes. They will also regain their present eternal nature, but they are unaware of this. We have walked amongst them for ages. Through the Goddess Dance we rejoice in the remembering."

I had not expected all this, it all seemed fantastic, yet it struck a chord within me. Somehow I felt I remembered what she was saying, but didn't know from where. So I asked her, "Is there any tradition that is behind the Goddess Dance and our remembering or is it the result of a random awakening that happens to a few people here and there?".

She smiled broadly and said, "All traditions hold our tales, woven subtly into their fabrics. We are scattered amongst all peoples of all races. It is the silent knowledge that makes us one. We act together according to our clear consciousness. Though we are separated, we see the same. The psychic web is the realm of all Seers. Although there are formal lines of traditions in many cultures that hide the ancient and present truth in rhymes, there are many more of us who just see and grow in the Light of what's revealed. There are ways and truths that must stay hidden from the confused, until the time and the season."

I hold the belief that we are modern because we can have the works of all cultures translated into our language. Only by reading the great books of all the peoples around the world do we see through our own dogma. I sensed the greater spirit of the Goddess at work here, perhaps for the greater awakening of humankind. I asked her, "Yet is it not time to come forward to heal humanity?".

"We are seers; we tend the tree of life. Time is a continuum. The misty future of humankind is our ward. There is no fate; so, here and now we are totally dedicated and devoted to the tree of life. In the present we receive our Manna and Grace, Spirit and Life, guidance and love from the totality. Many words confuse, the One is."

Her wisdom was clear to me. How could anyone argue; the tree of life needed all the healing it could get, here and now. I looked into the depths of her eyes and thought I saw the depths of creation there. I ventured to ask, "What is the story behind the Goddess Dance?"

She made a clicking sound with her tongue, smiled wryly, and put a hand on her hip. She had the look of someone who had just caught me in a prank. She said, "Why should we need a story? Stories get distorted with time, but not living actions of love. We begin with ourselves, to become spiritually awake as the one Goddess dancing as a celebration of the unified river of life. We awaken ourselves in the Goddess Dance and then with a little time the whole shall be awakened."

She sighed, "Even though words confuse, I will tell you an old story that you may have heard, but not put together. This story you should share."

I felt honored and so said simply, "Thank You.".

"Long ago there was a time of war. Much was destroyed and almost all wisdom was lost. Humans lived in confusion following the disasters, but the original Seven Seers overcame. They passed on two keys to the Crystal Rider. The Crystal Rider overcame and set the keys forth to the Sage who Watches and a Sacred Scribe. The Watcher Sage bears the silver key which is strong and mighty. The Sacred Scribe bears the golden key which is pure and very fine. The Watcher Sage sees the season and turns the silver key; none can stop the might of the Spirit that orders creation. The Sacred Scribe then turns the golden key and all will see the truth of the luminous light of life. Peace shall come to Earth as all people see the Spirit and know their own true nature. Yet again shall they labor to be one with the Earth and be confused. In the House the Water Bearers, twelve shall arise and bear full cups of Light through the darkness, where there is no vision. The twelfth one to arise shall wear Light and she shall gather four winds, women who can heal anything they desire to heal. Together they shall call forth the Seven Seers and lead them from material bondage. The path of the Goddess Dance shall be established forever in her footsteps. She will then send forth Seventy in pairs, as the Spirit of the order of the Way of the Light of life, to rejuvenate creation."

She smiled then, put her hands together, and bowed slightly indicating enough words. I didn't feel the need for additional words, so I also made this same parting gesture. A silent understanding that we never really part, but rather remain part of each other, was shared with our eyes under the moonlight. We then walked together down the path of life to the Goddess Dance.

(c) 1986 Ronald A. Bracale All rights reserved